Matt Mead

Director of Photography
Camera Op
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in the river (shuddering)

2020, 7min

To feel the cold creep and pull
and watch as your feet disappear beneath you.

A short film about dis-ease, crossings and attempting to re-find your balance. Created August 2020 under strict social distancing. 

in the river (shuddering) premiered (UK) at this Fringe! Queer film and arts festival as part of Shorts: Queer Pandemic Response, November 15th 2020. It was also presented at Dalston Superstore fundraiser and queer online festival, Trans day of Joy, February 2021.

The film screened at Fringe! 2020 and was featured in Frieze.
Director & Choreography: Rob Hesp
DOP: Matt Mead
Dancers: Chester Hayes, Hannah Davis, Iro Costello, June Lam,
Lavinia Co-op, Liam Asplen, Nathan Gael York,
Sally Fothergill, Scarlett Lassoff, and Sophie Brain.