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I’m OK are you OK?

2020, 23min
Dir. Matt Mead (including filming and editing)
(trailer above, full film below)

Born out of West Yorkshire Queer Stories’ oral history project, I’m OK are you OK? inclusively represents the diverse stories of nine people from across the region. Ranging from sex ‘education’ in 1960s Leeds to life as a QTIPOC teen in present day Bradford, the film uses mixed media to tell stories collaboratively developed and made with each person.

My process for this film began with a series of interviews of potential participants. From these, a selection of individuals was made considering the need for intersectional representation in the narrative. I then worked with each person to hone down an approximate 3 minute dialogue edit, before developing in partnership a bespoke visual sequence for each section.

The film premiered to the community at the Leeds Everyman cinema. Further screenings were cancelled due to COVID-19.The film is available online as part of West Yorkshire Queer Stories’ oral history project:

Other screenings:
Scottish Queer International Film Festival 2020
London Metropolitan Archives LGBTQ+ conference 2020


Filmmaker Matt Mead (including camera, edit, animation, music)
Producer – E-J Scott
Sound Design – Rob Owen / Potion Soundworks
Original Drawings – Jerry Carpenter
Mixed Media Artist – David Agenjo