CONNECT: +44-7889-791-171

I’m Matt Mead – working as a creative filmmaker across various mediums and in technical roles such as cinematographer and editor.

I bring creative story-telling, moving image and sound to a range of contexts: from cinema screen to social media, single to multiscreen/site-specific content, using specifically shot footage, archive, motion graphics and other digital media. I work variously as a creative lead on a project, in collaboration with other artists, and/or as part of a team or production crew.

I’ve shot all around the UK and internationally in Asia, Africa and the US, from studio soundstages to Masai villages, gene sequencing laboratories to a tug boat on the Thames. I make glossy promos and gritty documentary (and gritty promos & glossy docs).

I’ve shot with a range of camera systems including Red, Sony, Blackmagic, DSLR and I own and operate a Sony FS5 (with a range of supporting equipment and lighting).

I can deliver edits, grades and graphics for single or multiscreen works and immersive spaces. For post, I mainly work with Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition) and Da Vinci Resolve (edit and grade).

My films have been part of London Short Film Festival, Aesthetica, BFI Flare, Fringe! Queer Film and GAZE International LGBT Film festival in Dublin.

I frequently work  in the museum and heritage sectors, including projects for the British Museum, Wellcome Trust, and Royal Museums Greenwich.